Thursday, November 15, 2012

ThemeThursday--Teach Your Children

This week's Theme Thursday question was: if you could impress one lesson, ideal, or moral on your children, what would it be?

I sat thinking about this a long time. The problem is not of course that I couldn't think of anything, it rather was that there were too many things. Be kind, don't discriminate, take care of other who have less, be enviormentally minded...on and on. And then I realized these were all little pieces of the lesson I really want to impart.

Dear Children,

There's a whole beautiful world out there and you are a part of it. Remember that everyone else is a part of the same world. Take care of each other.

The things you do are small ripples in a big pond that affects everyone else eventually. There will always be people with less of the neccessities of life than you. Help them where you can. There will always be people with more problems than you. Listen to them. Help if you are able.

No one is able to do anything on their own Don't forget the village that raised you. Never deny anyone access to the ladder you climbed.

The title of this piece is taken from one of you mom's favorite songs. It reminds both parents and children that no matter how hard and confusing things may get to "know they love you." Keep that in mind always.

Be the best you that you can be, and the rest will follow. I can't wait to watch you make your way in the world.


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