Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankvember 17

Some serious Internet issues and time conflicts caused me to lose a few days.There's nothing like a day offline to remind you how much you appreciate all that you can do online. So to catch up just a little:

14--I am grateful for the Internet. I appreciate the convenience of having so much of the world at my doorstep, of being able to securely shop and browse and so forth.  From planning trips to my son's college applications it has been totally wonderful.

15-I am even grateful for Facebook, for all I complain about it, for it has brought so many people back into my life (in fact they are the ones I usually complain about Facebook to) It makes keeping in touch with family members so much simpler.

16--I am grateful for my blog. All the things I used to scribble down on paper and shove in a shoebox now goes here instead. I don't have to impose on anyone or please anyone and yet its here for the taking if you want it.  Plus its a permanent record of me and what I thought and said at any given time. A legacy if you will.

17--I am grateful for digital photography. I was never able to take pictures the way you are supposed to, lots and lots of shots and then toss what you don't want, because I could never afford film or film processing on that level. In fact there are still a few rolls of undeveloped film floating around my house. The digital camera has been hugely liberating for me, as I can take shot after shot, delete what doesn't work, and then put it on the computer and make it look exactly how I want it to.  The only part where I come up short is getting it off the camera/computer and onto paper for display.  But I'm working on it.

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  1. Great Posting and I agree. I was without power for only several hours, but the effects lasted for days due to tree's falling. With everything bundled these days it's like you lose one, you lose all. :/
    Def enjoyed reading your posting and Hope you picked up the Sunshine Award!