Saturday, November 1, 2014

Costuming Teens at Halloween

This year I noticed considerable debate in the blogsphere on the subject of teenagers trick or treating.  Two issues seem to occur most often: 1) What age is too old? and 2) Why are outfits for young ladies so risque? 

In our area the general rule of thumb is that its ok for teens to trick or treat, especially when they go with younger siblings, but enter into the spirit of things and wear a costume.  Risqueness, on the other hand, is often hampered by the vagueries of Ohio weather in October.

As in years past, my sister and I met up at our mom's house.  We pool all our candy at her place, as she still loves to pass out the candy and also to see her grandchildren go around.

Because we do medeval re-enactment, the kids have always had a large collection of costumes and props to work from, and we really haven't bought any since they passed the age of wanting to be Scooby Doo or Tinkerbelle. Between their garb, gear, and toys were have outfitted everything from Harry Potter to The Lord of the Rings.

This year our daughter and her cousin decided to go as Beetlejuice and Lydia. I am showing the costumes not only because they looked great, but also because these costumes were made with regular street clothes and a few props.

My nephew's suit was made by applying white duct tape to a black dress suit. The Girl is wearing a black dress we bought for her orchestra concerts, a black scarf from Pat Catan's, a black hat, and a pair of gloves from the dollar store.  Everything she is wearing will be used again, as of course will her cousin's dress suit.  

We had terrific weather for trick or treat, the kids costumes were huge hits-people stopped them in the street to take their pictures and some houses actually handing them extra candy because they were so impressed with the costumes. Not one person told them they were too old for trick or treat.

And the girl even shared her Reese's Cups with mom.

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