Friday, September 12, 2014

Heading Off to Bloggy Conference

Several years ago I began working on this blog, largely in an attempt to reawaken the writing ability that had lain fallow for about 20 years as work and kids took up most  of my time and creativity.  I was first encouraged to do so by my longtime friend Linda Roy  of Elleroy Was Here who was herself dealing with similar issues.   What started as a writing exercise has taken on a life of its own.

I have written some 300 posts now.  I have been to blog hops and link ups and tweeted my little heart out. I have earned a position as a staff writer at Lefty Pop, probably my proudest online achievement to date.  I decided it was time to take the next big step and attend a blogging conference.  For two years now I have watched my friends blog about their conference activities: contacts, inspiration, information, networking. I wanted my piece of the action.

I was looking for an event that was close to home, affordable, and reachable by public transit if necessary. Pretty soon I discovered Bloggy Conference 2014. It was a mere 85.00 for attendance, with major discounts and perks for staying at the Breakers Hotel at the park. Best part of all, Cedar Point is less than two hours from my house (especially when one isn't fighting summer amusement park traffic). Returning to Cedar Point is especially fun because I worked there the summer between high school and college.

The number of attendees is a relatively small 250 or so. I will be attending classes on topics like managing social media, the dreaded Search Engine Optimization, and blog photography. I will get to network with people, and hopefully raise awareness of both this blog and my cyber home away from home: Lefty Pop.

So the bags are packed, the business cards are made, and shortly I will be on my way.

Bloggy Conference 2014 here we come.