Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bloggy Con 14--Had a Wonderful Time, Can't Wait to Go Back

I spent this past weekend at Bloggy Con 2014, sponsored by the fabulous people at Bloggy Moms. It was an amazing experience.

It was the perfect first conference for me.  More low key than some of the bigger conferences, with only about 250 bloggers in attendance, and far more affordable and conveniently located as well.

We were hosted by Cedar Point Amusement Park, which offered generously discounted rooms, in the lovely Hotel Breakers.  Our suite (which the Hotel graciously upgraded from a single room for us at the last minute when we wound up with a bigger group than expected) was lovely, with a fantastic view of the lake, and convenient proximity to both conference and amusement park.

  Cedar Point wanted this to be an event that bloggers could bring their families to, so they also provided passes to the park for the weekend. I was able to take my sister, her 3 boys, and my own daughter.

Upon arrival Friday we checked into our room, then Sis and the kids decided to go hit the roller coasters. I decided to enjoy the quiet for a couple hours and check out my swag bag, which was filled with a variety of  products that I can't wait to check out.

Saturday morning I made sure everyone was squared away with their park tickets for the day, and I headed off to  breakfast at the convention center.  I was a little apprehensive (I am actually rather an insecure person)  but the larger part of me felt I was taking myself and my writing a giant step forward.

The first thing I encountered at the table was a lovely memo portfolio that doubles as a tablet easel, courtesy of Cedar Point, as well the plus Snoopy in a Santa Suit.  We were asked to take pictures of Snoopy around Cedar Point as part of a Twitter contest.
Snoopy and I wait for
 the Blue Streak

Snoopy checks his social
The Girl becomes
possessive of Snoopy

Passing out Lefty Pop cards

and promotes this blog
as well

Each morning we all met for community time, before we broke off into special interest group sessions.  I attended classes on subjects as varied as blog monetization, attracting brands and sponsors, social media trends, SEO, and travel blogging. Especially exciting was the photo walk I took on Sunday morning, which deserves its own post

Our schedule left us with plenty of free time to enjoy the park with our families as well. I hadn't been to Cedar Point in over 20 years, so it was great to catch up with old favorites among the attractions and discover new ones.

A view of Cedar Point at night.

The Windseeker is a particularly impressive ride at night.
It looks like the mothership in Close Encounters taking off.

Another view of Cedar Point at night. 

Also the park and hotel were decorated for Halloween, which was also fun.

More important of all I met a lot of other bloggers, some novices, some experienced, all enthusiastic and helpful.  It was good to be in a group of like minded people for a weekend. I found that we all have our uncertainties regardless of followers and page hits. And I know I picked up both ideas and friends that will stay with me a long time.

At our final group session  it was announced that Bloggy Con 2015 will be held at Cedar Point again.  I'm already making plans to go.


  1. Looks like you enjoyed yourself- Yes, plan for 2015 now, smart lady!

    1. I had a great time Sara!
      As for planning ahead, I have no choice. At my workplace we bid vacations in December, no last minute decisions for me.

  2. Fantastic photos! Especially the night rides at CP! I could not get those lights on my camera phone! Love your recap - I had a great time as well and hope to return! :)

    1. Thank you Julie! I really enjoyed taking all the pictures, both at night and on the photo walk. Better graphics for the blog is one of my goals for this coming year.