Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twisted Mix Tape-- Lets Get Motivated

On my MP3 player I have a play list that is labeled "Wake Up".  Its the music I usually listen to on my way into work, when I need a lot of high energy and optimism to get me going.

This weeks mix tape is Lets Get Motivated, so I thought I'd feature some of the songs from my play list. If it can get me into the right frame of mind for 10 hours in 911 in could work for you too.

Hey I got up and my name isn't in the obits, so lets make a day of it.

I get up a good walking pace on this one.

This is for when I need my cheerful folkie root optimism reawakened so I can face another day.
The Beatles with a guitar riff that could wake the dead.
For pure energy raising, it's hard to beat Chuck Berry. I had a hard time deciding on which Chuck Berry song, they are all so full of infectious high energy--but this won.
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  1. Great tunes. All of these can motivate me into a better mood!

    1. Thanks, it gets me to work every morning!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephanie-oldies are us around here,

  3. Now this is my kind of list! Since I started making sure I got to everyone's mix today, I keep thinking I should get up and do some exercise. Or maybe I'll listen to one more. Or maybe.... well, I'm still here. And so glad I am, because clearly you get me :-)

    1. I am not one for much exercising, especially exercise for the sake of exercise (and it shows, I admit) I love to walk though, as long as I am walking to something. Which is why I started power walking to work, with the help of my wake up mix. Now that I don't have to chase small children its about as worked out as I get.