Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Twisted Mix Tape--Muppet Magic

I've alluded before to my love of the Muppets and actually featured Kermit the Frog  and the Rainbow Connection in one Mix Tape and Rowlf the Dog on another. 

My love affair with the Muppets goes all the way back to my childhood, when I used to watch Rowlf on the Jimmy Dean show, and although I was a little old for the Sesame St generation, I was well aware of Big Bird and his friends. 

But it was the Muppet Show  that really cemented the relationship for me.  There was something about using a bunch of puppets to put on a old style variety show that I just couldn't resist.  For 5 brilliant season the Muppet folks put on an amazing show that could be watched by all ages and temperaments.

I could do several playlists of favorite moments with the Muppets, so I decided to narrow it down to only ones that were on the actual Muppet show.

How can you go wrong with Robin the Frog and Bernadette Peters? You can't.
The Elton John Episode featured 2 classic numbers, and I couldn't give either one up. So first we have Elton and some Muppet reptiles performing Crocodile Rock.
And secondly we have Don't Go Breaking My Heart, as Elton duets with Miss Piggy. Frank Oz, Piggy's original Muppeteer has an amazing falsetto.
This is one of the great comedic moments of the Muppets, when Peter Sellers attempts several impersonations while explaining to Kermit why it is impossible for him to relax and be himself.
Unfortunately on that same episode, Kermit's day continues to go not so well. Finally after losing an act to duck hunting season, Kermit winds up alone on a empty stage to sing his signature song.  It's my favorite performance of "Being Green"/
To sing us out here is one of the best of all Muppet productions, of Harry Belafonte's song, "Turn the World Around" If you can take your eyes off Harry for a moment, check out the amazing African style Muppets that were specially created for the show. No one else was doing anything remotely like this in the late 70's and early 80's.
This post is part of Twisted Mix Tape link up. This week our hostess daringly allowed us to post anything we wanted.  To see what resulted from that, click on the link.
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  1. The Muppet Show was something we always watched as a family when I was a kid. I remember seeing all of these when they originally aired. Nice theme you created!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Yes-that Harry Belefonte number is amazing.
    It must have been hard to pick just five. I love "Inchworm" from the episode with Danny Kaye.

    1. It was horrible, even after I said only the Muppet Show. I love Inchworm, as well as Danny cooking with the Swedish chef. And John Denver doing the garden song. And Mahna, Mahna. And yhen theres all the movie songs, and the Christmas shows, and Fraggle Rock and Sesame st.....the list is almost endless.

  3. As you know - My sisterr and I (especially me) never missed a single episode of the muppets. Many a Saturday evening my dad would pick you up and bring you over to babysit us and much of the time when you arrived it was around 7:30pm when they were coming on. It used to make me so mad when mom would choose to run the damned hair dryer while the show was on because it distorted the audio and video of our antennae-type TV so badly the show would become nearly unwatchable. :D I still love the muppets at 43 years old and I passed my love for them onto my daughter and a little on to my son as well. ESPECIALLY THE CHEF!

    - M.Lucas

    1. Ah sweet. I remember one time your sister telling me that Fliyd Pepper (who dressed like a Beatle) had a Michael.Jackson coat. I about choked! I remember she had a Miss Piggy Doll too. I have a Kermit, one that is a real puppet. Glad you're passing it on too!