Friday, October 18, 2013

OctPoWriMo Day 17--Scrabble

Day 17's challenge is to look at games we play and write about them. Scrabble is a long time favorite.  When I was a child we played Scrabble all the time, and I still do to this day. The game board changes, but the game really doesn't.

When I was young
Our family played Scrabble .
The tiles felt cool and smooth
When you drew them from the bag.
We squabbled over points scored
and which words were legal.
My dad's favorite word to play was "FEZ"
On a triple word score.
Now we play on cell phones
Passing the device back and forth
Or online with friends in other states
Or even other countries.
We drag the tiles with a mouse
Or beneath our finger on the touch pad.
And the computer will not let us cheat
or slide by on the iffy words,
But I still try to play "FEZ"
On the triple word score,
I'm still playing Scrabble.

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  1. I always used to play Scrabble with my Dad. He was/is a master of the 2 letter words...on a triple score with an X or something like that...very irritating. Lol!

    And you're right...the tiles were always cool...even in summer.

    Thank you for the lovely look back. I enjoyed your poem.

    1. Thank you Anna. Dad took his scrabble seriously. I have a friemd who is a demon Scrabble player, beat her twice in about 20 games. Dad would have enjoyed playing her.

  2. Oh, Meg! I love Scrabble, too! Playing Wordscraper on FB right now with two friends. And, once I taught in a classroom where all four teachers in our group had a doorway into a common office. The four of us kept a Scrabble game going all the time, running in between classes or at lunch to play our hand. Very cool. Thank you. xoA

  3. Lovely poem, lovely memories. I still play Scrabble with my friends, English teachers all; it's just online now. Have you played Lexulous? Check it out and let me know!