Friday, October 4, 2013

Express Youself--Happy Birthday

This week marks the first birthday of Express Yourself Weekly Meme, one of my favorite linkups. Each week they propose a provocative topic and ask us to write about it. For the first birthday party they are asking what our favorite questions were this year.

This week I went back through all my Express Your self posts and decided these were the ones that brought out the best in me.

Favorite Book Quotes
I love to collect quotes and had a lot of fun writing this.

Favorite Christmas Carols
The weeks before Christmas last year were darkened by the events at Sandy Hook, but this post allowed me to write about other carols born of dark times.

Comfort Books and Movies
What to curl up with when you had a bad day...

Me and My Quirks
They make us who we are....

Favorite Gifts
  Some favorites among the gifts I've given.

Good Turn Coins and Lucky Pens
This gave me a chance to tell a couple stories I never thought I'd work into a blog.

So Happy Birthday Express Yourself, I can't wait to see what you have for us next year.

This post is part of Express Yourself Weekly Meme, a group of bloggers writing on the same topic each week. Click here to see other bloggers' ideas for literary lunches.

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