Monday, May 13, 2013

How I Spent My Mothers' Day

I started my Mothers' Day by getting up at 1am so my husband and I could deliver the Girl to her school for their 8th grade trip to Washington.  Like many children, it was to be her first long trip without any family members along. She was the usual teenaged combination of blasé and excited when we bid her goodbye.  The bus pulled up at 3am and 40 sleepy 13 and 14 year olds climbed on board. 

Then we stumbled back home for a few hours of sleep. 

I got back up around 7 to get some blogging and other routine maintenance done on the computer before the Boy got up.  He had a major school project to finish on Sunday which would require a lot of computer time, so I needed to be done on the Internet before came down.

I had just gotten finished when a virus warning popped up on my computer.  Not from my virus software, mind you, but some other company that claimed to have found a virus, and would happily install their software to my computer.  It would take hours to fully debug the computer. The only solution was to truck on over to my mom's house, where one of my tech savvy nephews could provide the use of their computers.

Now I had planned to stop by and see my mom of course. I hadn't planned to have to stay for 6 hours while the Boy wrote the final draft of his autobiography in 18 topic specufic chapters. (I kid you not: Places I have Lived, My Family Tree, Crushes, and so on. Each on a fall page or more, plus pictures.) When ee arrived my nephews were preparing a Mothers' Day breakfast for their mom and grandma, so at least I got in on that deal.

We gat home around 6:30. My lovely husband had made one of my gavorite meals, Chicken Paprikash. The Boy still had to attach all the pictures and assemble the report. The computer had finally finished debugging so I searched the picture files for additional photos he needed, while the Boy pasted them in.

Finally it was done, juat in time to take his sister's evening call from her trip. (She had been to Mt Vernon, Ford's Theatre, and a bunch of monuments and was having a great time.)

About 9pm while the Boy was pasting the pictures I was printing into his memory book, he looked up at me and said, "You know mom, somehow I have a feel that this is how you would like to spend your Mothers' Day."
You know Son, I have a feeling you are right. The best way, at least for me, to celebrate Mothers' is to do Mom stuff.


  1. :) Isn't that how it usually is? My Mother's Day treat was a trip for ice cream. Should I admit that it was my idea and I had to pay for it? But I figured one small thing needed to be different. (And I LOVE ice cream ;)) Glad you had a great Mom's day and can'T wait to hear what your daughter thought of her trip!

    1. I remember a fathers day cartoon I saw once that the kids were ttaking dad to the zoo and the parl and MbDonald's, "And by the time we're done he'll know he's a dad.." That's how my day was.

  2. Sounds like a busy Mother's Day! Glad it was a good one.

    1. As usual Linda, we were making it up as we go, but it was fun.