Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Express yourself--What Celebrity would You Like to Meet?

The Express Yourself blog hop is asking  this week what celebrity we would most like to meet.   Restricting myself to those who are still inhabiting this plane of existence,  I decided I would like to meet Jon Stewart. (Ideally I would be on the Daily Show promoting a book that I had written, but that may be asking too much of a single wish). I would love to talk politics with him, or anything else as well, because the man can converse.  I realize there are writers on the Daily Show who help him sound funny, but they can't script the quickwittedness and depth of knowledge that he displays in interviews as either questioner or subject.

What could be more perfect. A smart and witty guy my own age to talk things over with. (I know, I just described my hubby too, but I digress)

As a rule, even when the stories are being played for laughs, the basic info is still true. And although the show does seem to skew to the left at times, he has been known to dismantle liberals just as thoroughly as conservatives.
Moreover he brings a genuine feeling of liberal humanist passion to what he does. The viewer gets a feeling he truly cares that Congress is stalemated and the sky is falling. And when he takes his satirical edge to something he truly cares about, from medical insurance for NYC 1st responders to hurricane relief the satire is delivered with passion and conviction. Just watch his hilarious and heartbreaking response to the September 11th tragedy .

So when my wish is granted I get to sit across the shiny black table from Jon while we drink coffee out the huge TDS coffee mugs. We have a few laughs, and some intelligent conversation. What more could anyone want?

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  1. Nice. I don't watch his show, but I've enjoyed the few moments I have seen of him.

    1. Monday to Thursday frim 1100-1130 is my little sanity break.