Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trying to Whistle a Happy Tune

Anyone who has given my poetry and prose a good looking over knows that my writings run a bit towards the melancholy.  A lot melancholy. OK I could give Hamlet a run for his money. Moreover my poetry seems to be even more introspective than my prose.  Unfortunately I sometime get asked to write something
a little more cheerful.

Recently my husband and I were asked if we could come up something
cheery and optimistic and suitable for a middle school choir to sing at an assembly, Added pressure  comes from the fact that our daughter is in the choir so we need to please her director on one level and her on another, because everyone in the choir will know her parents are the ones who stuck them with the song.

I spent considerable time trying come up with something that was cheerful, optimistic, and yet avoided cliches, filling several wastebaskets with rejections, before realizing what anyone who was ever a valedictorian has also realized: This is not a time for originality, it's a time to tell people what they want to hear. After that the words came fairly quickly.

I don't know what we will wind up with, but here is attempt number 1:

On Our Way

Remember the good times
Remember the tears
The world is waiting
So banish your fears
Its time for us to go
We are moving on

New Chances for taking
'New things to be trying
We'll all get there someday

Whether walking or flying
Time for us to go
We are moving on.

We are the future
Time to prepare
We are tomorrow
Time to do and dare

We are all friends here
Sharing the load
But more lies ahead
As we move down the road.
It's time for us to go
We are moving on.

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