Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Express Yourself--Looking Ahead to 2013

It's that time of year when we set plans and goals and make resolutions.

Resolution making is easy for me, because until that clutter dragon is under control, I have nothing else I am making resolutions about, as I explain here. My other resolution for the last few years, to start writing again, seems to coming along OK.

As for what I am looking forward to this year, there are several big events on the family horizon this coming year, the biggest being the Boy's graduation from high school.  A good part of the second half of last year was taken up with college applications and visits (Score so far: 1 yes, 1 no, and 3 still waiting) and the new year will be no different I am sure. Much of spring will be taken up with getting him ready for graduation, and much of summer with getting him off to college.  We mustn't overlook the Girl however, who will be leaving middle school and moving on to high school this year. She will probably get her nose a little out of joint this spring, since most of the time and resources will be going her brother's way, but she has 4 blissful years of being almost an only child ahead of her come fall.  She is already making plans for it.

As for me, my main hope for the next year is good health for everyone, and for me lots of inspiration from the writing muse, plus little  drama and lots of overtime at work (see above list of things to be looking forward to). I hope everyone everyone gets at least some of what they are hoping for this year as well.

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