Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Staring at the Page (The Poet is Blocked)

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  The trees turn, the weather cools, Halloween is on the way.  Its also the time, each year, for the October Poetry Writing Month (aka OctPoWriMo), which I have participated in the last 2 years, and planned on doing this year as well.  Unfortunately this year, although I read all the prompts, and a lot of poetry posted by others, I wasn't having much luck coming up with my own.

The wonderful Morgan Dragonwillow who is one of the muses of OctPoWriMo suggested reading some poetry I especially liked. So I spent a whole day in Ireland with Yeats and Heaney, and one poem did find me, but then nothing again, at least not in terms of a poem finished enough to share. Nothing else is complete or satisfying enough to post.  I find this most frustrating, especially with an event I enjoy so much.

But I intend to keep persevering, reading my prompts, studying the posts from my fellow poets, and when I find something I am satisfied with I will let you know.

In the meantime, here is a tribute to my grapple with the Muses this month.

Finding the Poetry
The Muses being silent
I despaired of finding poetry this fall.

"Have you tried reading some"
Came the good advice.

So I took two old friends down from the shelf
and sure enough they brought a Muse or two along
At least for the day

But when morning came
I was alone again.

This post is part of  OctPoWriMo. To check out the prompts, or the work of other poets click on the link.

Photo  "Legal Pad" by dmswart/CC 2.0

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