Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

"Happy Anniversary!" I say to my husband in the middle of the afternoon.

"Oh it is today, isn't it?" he replies. "26 years?"

"Yes" I say.

That's about how it goes with mushy sentimental things like anniversaries for us. Most years it runs up against our departure for Pennsic, as it did this year.  We are too busy locating camping gear and and medieval garb to take much time out for an actual celebration; and lets be realistic, who can afford either the time or the money to go out for a fancy meal right before vacation (although sometimes my husband will cook a nice dinner if time permits).

Last year, Pennsic was a week early, and we were already there on July 23rd, and got to celebrate with a cheesecake and the company of some good friends. But this year we back to the usual packing mode.

The weather today is threatening rain, of which there has been a decent amount this summer, but the year we married the Midwest was in the grip of a horrendous drought. We planned our wedding for the late afternoon, in part due to the weather, but also because it allowed our working theatre friends to come between the matinee and the evening performance. We actually got a little rain, which was a blessing indeed as it cooled things off. It was a low key sort of reception, just our family and friends and everyone had a good time.

This year the 23rd lands on Wednesday, which is Family Night at the Camp the Boy works at. For several summers now our Family Night ritual is to deliver pizza to the Boy (and have one ourselves) as pizza is one of his favorite foods, and moreover allows his parents to make sure he has eaten at least one full meal this week.

The more I think about it, the more appropriate it seems to mark the day in such a way. Marriage, and Life, isn't really about the big events half as much as it is about all the little day to day things you do because they must be done, and do together because it works better that way.

Eating carryout from Little Caesars with the kids is as good a way to celebrate a marriage as any other.

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