Saturday, June 14, 2014

100 Word Song "Empty Chairs"

I am linking up this week to the 100 word song linkup at Lance Burson's My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, partly because the challenge is featuring one of my all time favorite songs: "Empty Chairs" by Don McLean, featured on what may be my all time favorite album--American Pie.
Each week Lance or one of his compatriots pick a song and challenges us to write a blog post of 100 words or less inspired by the choice.

Throwing Out My Lazy Boy

We put the chair down at the curb
 (or devil strip as we say here in Ohio) .
The chair I rocked my babies in.
The rocker I sat up in all night
When heads were stuffy and needed to sleep upright.
The babies are mostly grown now.
The rocker no longer rocks,
nor does it stay reclined
(rendering it useless more or less).
Still there is sadness carrying it out
It looks empty sitting at the curb
(or devil strip)
something a chair should never be.
And the spot where it used to sit.
Is even emptier.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

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