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Twisted Mix Tape--Two for the Price of One

Twisted Mix Tape--Two for the Price of One

Lots of things conspired against me the last two weeks  and I didn't get my new songs mix posted. So I'm posting it now.  But before I do I'd like to look at this week's dance music theme. Unfortunately my idea of dance music involves Fred and Ginger, so I am turning this list over to my 14 year old daughter, who has in fact attended several dances in this century (and also is a fledgling blogger herself at The Dancing Juggler) Here's the Girl:

I feel a certain need to mention that this is NOT my general taste in music; there is a reason I avoid High School dances. I prefer country to pop. But at least a couple of the songs are catchy...until they get stuck in your head.

I can't say I'm a fan of One Direction. But a couple of their songs aren't horrid. This one at least, helps teen girls' insecurities. And it has a catchy beat. (Ideal for dances--theoretically)
Ever the fan of P!nk, at least one of her songs generally shows up at dances.

The ever popular, shove all the guys off the dance floor dance...
Here's at least one Rock song to satisfy every antisocial, dragged-to-dance-by-friends, kid. Because hey, sweaty kids, crappy refreshments and ridiculous dancing? If that isn't hell, I'm not sure what is.

The inevitable slow dance...
That's the best I got, like I said, I pushed Homecoming to the back of my mind. High school dances...shudder.

OK, here's Meg again, with thanks to the Girl for all the insight. Now for last week's list of new music we heard in the last year.

A few years ago a  friend sent me a CD of songs.

There were some that I knew, but a great many more that I didn't. I  found myself seeking out more by the same performers.  I realized I pretty much quit acquiring or even listening to new music around my 30th birthday. The radio was set to the oldies station and didn't budge.

Around the same time, my kids were developing their own musical tastes as well, and theirs was heavily tinged with country. My son tends to favor the likes of Jason Aldean and Toby Keith, while with girl, not surprisingly, it's Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

I have listened to a lot of new music this year, thanks to them, or at least music that is new to me,  here is sampling:

My wish--Rascal Flatts

 I picked this one up from The Girl. She played it a lot after her brother left for college.  It doesn't annoy me on repeat hearings like so many songs do.
My daughter likes to dedicate this song to her dad.
I picked this song up from the Boy who uses it as a ring tone: 
Of course, every once in awhile, I catch a new song from a movie or TV show. The best of those from last year was "The Show" from  Moneyball. (I almost never see movies till they make it to cable). It's great to share a song and a movie with my kids.
And speaking of baseball... Our Indians did pretty good this year (especially compared to recent seasons, this song was heard a lot around our house.

So that's it for this week. We will try to get back on track this coming week...Till then head over to Twisted Mix Tape and see what the more punctual bloggers posted.

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