Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Being Human--a Twisted Mixtape

Todays mixtape is about mistakes.  We make them, we correct them, we learn from them.  If we do it right they make us who we are.
Jim Croce--The Hard Way Every Time
 This is one of my my favorite Jim Croce songs...
"Wouldn't have done it any other way".
Crosby, Stills& Nash--Wasted on the Way
There's still time to go back and fix the things we did wrong with those we love...
Billy Joel--Only Human
The title speaks for itself...
Big Bird--"Everyone Makes Mistakes"
Big Bird explains it all for us.
My Skewed View


  1. You snuck Muppets in this tape. Good for you!

  2. LOL I used to sing that Sesame Street song all the time (as an adult but before kids!). Also clearly great minds think a like with Wasted on the Way. I have been waiting for this topic just so I could use that song.
    Love the way you did this!

    1. Wasted on the Way is very important to me. I reminds me its never too late to go back ad make things right again.