Monday, October 14, 2013

OctPoWiMo--day 11: Movie Popcorn

"Hobbit's on in 20 minutes"
My kids announce in unison,
"We need popcorn."

For the next few minutes
Comes the clattering of pots and pans.
(There is only one pan
That is right for popcorn).

Then from the living room I hear
the sweet staccato sounds--
And the beeping of the microwave
Announcing melted butter.

In 15 minutes time
Heaping bowls of popcorn
Arrive in the living room
Just as the opening credits roll.

"Its heavy on the butter and the salt"
Says the Boy, apologetically.
"That's OK" I answer,
"It's movie popcorn."

This post is part of the October Poetry writing challenge. To see what other writers wrote for this date click on the link.


  1. I'm smiling, Meg. "It's movie popcorn." Sort of like broken cookies have no calories. Thank you. xoA

    1. Thank you. My kids kind of "wrote" this one for me.