Monday, October 7, 2013


It's been a long time
Since I felt the butterflies.
Since I took a Fool's leap of faith
And counted on finding a
Firm footing beneath.

Am I playing it too safe?
Am I too comfortable?
Can I lose my edge
Staying off the ledge?

Perhaps some day the chance will come
To throw caution to the wind again.
Take up my pack and set forth like a Fool
And feel butterflies again.

This poem is part of October Poetry Writing Month. The prompt for Day 6 was "Butterflies".  To what gives other poets butterflies, click here.


  1. Since I took a Fool's leap of faithAnd counted on finding aFirm footing beneath.

    Love this line...great alliteration. I also like the fact you took the perspective that butterflies are a good thing and to be sought out. Very nice

    1. Thank you Anna. It was partly writing my way out of a jam, because I couldn't think of things that gave me butterflies! So then I started think about why that was.