Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Be Gentle With Yourself" OctProWriMo Day 4

"Beyond a whole discipline
Be gentle with yourself."
Max Ehrmann
Be gentle with yourself 
says the poet.
Gentleness with self
Is one of the things to be desired.
All in all, his was the best advice I ever got
But I kind of slid past the part
Recommending gentleness.
Fierce determination and resistance
Seems more productive in this world.
But today I sat and thought
About gentleness.
About how it can be a shield
against chaos and cruelty.
And I decided that gentleness
Surely does have its place.

If you aren't gentle with yourself
Who will be?
The prompt for Day 4 on OctPoWriMo  is "Be Gentle with Yourself"
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