Friday, September 13, 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday-- My Best Summer Memory was.....

This summer has of course been all about memories. With one child heading to college and the other starting high school, we have had a summer full of firsts and lasts, and I have written about most of them. So I decided to focus instead about a simple lovely night we had last month.

I should first explain that we have in downtown Akron, a beautiful little baseball stadium. It was designed by the same architects who did Camden Yards in Baltimore, and it has that same gritty, red brick feel.  The AA farm team of the Cleveland Indians play there and over the years the kids and I have seen a lot of up and coming stars play a lot of really good baseball at the won't break the bank to take the whole family price of 10.00 a ticket.

For years the  Boy has been trying to align schedules with his uncle, himself a high school ballplayer, so they could go to a ballgame together. On a Saturday night just before the Boy left for college everything fell into place and we made the trip downtown.

A local hero, gold medalist Butch Reynolds'
threw out the first pitch.

Each of the players had a youth ballplayer on the
field with them for the National Anthem
The game was exciting, and the home team won in the end.  The Boy never left his seat, which he admitted was the first time he had been to a game and not headed to the concession stand,

After the game we had fireworks.  And not just any fireworks, but a Beatles themed fireworks show,

Beatles and baseball, how great is that?

If it's the last game I get to go to with the boy for a while it was a perfectly satisfying one, and a great way to end our summer.

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  1. Meg, this was the perfect way to end the summer. And I too love the Beatles and fireworks, so truly enjoyed hearing about it. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with us again this week. Have a great weekend now!! :)

    1. Thanks Janine, glad you enjoyed it. You have a great weekend too.

  2. What a nice memory with your son! And the pics are beautiful! I hope both you and your son adjust well to his being at college. Big change!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.