Monday, September 23, 2013

A Belated Feast

A couple of months ago my husband and I marked our 25th wedding anniversary. We were on vacation and by the time we got back my mom was on vacation. So with one thing and another it was more than a month before we saw each other again. When we did get together though, she had a card and a check for me.  "Usually" she said, "I would get a restaurant card.  But I figured your husband would rather cook for you both,  so go buy something that's a real treat and happy anniversary."

Well my spouse/personal chef embraced the challenge . He went to the local fresh produce market and loaded up on veggies. He caught a seafood sale at another local grocery store. Any extra assistance he needed was provided by the Girl, as I was not permitted to know what was going on.

The final result was extraordinarily decadent. Shrimp cooked 5 different ways. (You only see 4 on the plate? That's because there is shrimp salad wrapped in the lettuce leaves.) Since shrimp is kind of a treat anyway, to have it in so many different ways in one meal was amazing.

Sadly the Girl is not fond of shrimp, not even the lovely garlic shrimp, so we were forced to eat it all ourselves. (Can you tell we were crushed?)

When I was a child and Christmas gifts would come late, or we wouldn't get to exchange presents with relatives till some other time of the year, my mother would always tell us that we were making Christmas last a little longer.  This year it was our anniversary that lasted a little longer, which was kind of nice too.

Good things are always worth waiting for.

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