Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Need to Go to Bloggy Conference

I have been writing this blog for about 10 months now. I have learned, and continue to learn a lot about blogging and about my self as a blogger.  I like to think there has a been a slow steady improvement in the quality of my posts, thanks to a lot of support and good advice from my amazing fellow bloggers.  I know blogging has really become a part of my life, because when things happen I ask myself if I can make a blog posting of it.

But I need something more. I need advice.  I need in person contact. I need to move out beyond this little niche I occupy and network more.  I need a blogger conference.

I had been thinking about attending a conference for awhile.  Friends who have gone recommend them highly.  I just needed to find one that was relatively inexpensive and close enough to home that I wouldn't need to get much time off from work.

Then I found out about Bloggy Conference. It looked perfect. A weekend in September that I already had off from work. An inexpensive registration fee. Up at Cedar Point, only a few hours from home, and a location serviced by Greyhound, so I didn't have to worry about how to get there.  Plenty of time to get resources together to attend.

Oh wait. Registrations are open now? It's limited to 125 attendees?  Now we have a problem.  Because I am the mom of a high school senior, and any extra money we have this spring is going for college visits and graduation expenses.  Long before I can plan on setting aside money for the conference the registrations will be filled. 

Then I learned about the Bloggy Pass Giveaway sponsored by Building BLOG Bridges. They are giving away a package including registration, lodging at Cedar Point and travel expenses. All I have to go to enter is write an essay about why I want to go to Bloggy Conference.

Well I don't just want to go to Bloggy Conference, I need to go to Bloggy Conference.  I need to interact with others, get expert advice, find out what others think of my work.  I need to reach higher.  I believe Bloggy Conference will help me do this.

The location is special to me also. My very first job out of high school was a summer at Cedar Point.  I paid for my first year of college from my earnings.  Cedar Point, in a sense, started me on my way.  Now Cedar Point could help me make another leap forward.

I have always been a writer.  For years everything just sat in notebooks and shoe boxes around the house. Then I found blogging, and through it what my writing always lacked: an audience.  Now I'm greedy.  I want to write better and I want to reach even more people.  Bloggy Conference will help me.

So please, send me to Bloggy Conference.  Because I would like to have everyone see this at the top of my sidebar:

Bloggy Conference 2013!

This post is an entry into the Building Blog Bridges giveaway I have entered for a chance to win one Bloggy Conference 2013 ticket.

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  1. Good luck! I hope you get to go and come back sharing great ideas.