Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Express Yourself--Favorite Colors

This week's Express Yourself is all about color,specifically  favorite colors.
I have two favorite colors, blue and green.  Both serve their purposes.

Green is energizing.  It means spring and gardens and turtles and life. Green is the Earth. Kermit the Frog is green. And there's those little green candles you burn when you need to bring prosperity into your life. Besides there's not getting away from the green if you're Irish.

And really nothing sums up all that is green
better than a shamrock.

But as much as I love green, I love blue even more.  Blue to me is healing and peace. 

like this blue

And this
Here's an extra delicious shade of blue(berry).
My husband found this great shade of blue and made
me a wool hat.  He's working on the gloves now.

I like this blue also.

But without a doubt my favorite shade of blue is Cobalt Blue
I like Cobalt Blue ceramics and Depression Glass. I like clothes in this color. Sapphires are my favorite gemstone.  You can surround yourself by the blue, and feel safe and well.  Absolutely my favorite go to color.
Because it may not be easy being green, but a good moody blue will go along way. 

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