Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Training

I have always thought one of the saddest sights I know is a baseball diamond covered with snow. Here in the section of Ohio known as the Snow Belt, its a sight I see alot of. Both the complex the Boy plays at and the minor league stadium downtown are still mostly white between the base paths. Puxatawny Phil and Buckeye Chuck to the contrary, it is definitely still winter here. Even a warm day, like yesterday, is accompanied by howling winds that rattle this old house and lower the temps 20 degrees.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel...even if the tunnel runs through Arizona. Yesterday pitchers and catchers reported to spring training,which for the Cleveland Indians is in that sunny state. The rest of the players will check in by the end of the week. And tonight the Boy has his first baseball practice of his senior year. It will be in the evening, in the gym, but he will be throwing a baseball, something that has had him pacing the house in anticipation the last few weeks.

Spring training is all about starting over with a clean slate. Last year's losses are last year's, and last year's wins are of use only as a happy memory. You get to try again.

And even though the daffodils won't get up the nerve to make an appearance for weeks yet, and even though we may have a blizzard on St Patrick's day, the promise is there.

Baseball has begun, and spring will surely follow.


  1. Yay! Baseball practice has begun. I'll bet he's so happy. :) Hope that darn snow cuts you guys some slack.

    1. He has been so stir crazy...walking around the house, throwing invisible at the tv set and pacing up and down..finally he can throww things constructively...lol.