Monday, January 21, 2013

Thoughts on Inauguration Day

I love watching Presidential Inaugurations. Naturally I like them better when the guy I voted for won, but I like them even when my guy lost. I like what they represent, the peaceful transition of power-the sense that the government works only by the consent of the people. It is us at our best.

Some of the greatest speeches in the history of our country were made at such times, from men like Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John F Kennedy and so many others.

They all called us to be the best people we were capable of being: "We are all Federalists, We are all Republicans", "The better angels of our nature", "Nothing to fear but fear itself", "the torch is passed to a new generation".

And this year it takes place on a day honoring a man who called for America to live up to to live up to its promise for everyone.

There is one more thing I think about on Inauguration Day. I once read an interview with the late great politician Daniel Patrick Moynihan, in which he observed that the most important date in American History was March of 1801, when the losing candidate, John Adams, yielded the presidency to the winner Thomas Jefferson. Never before had such a thing happened. One party peacefully allowed the other to come to power. It was that moment which proved that the Constitution would work, and the country would be governed as the founders intended. It has happened that way ever since.

So good luck Mr President, may you have a strong and productive 4 years.

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