Thursday, January 3, 2013

Theme Thursday--Winter

I like winter, but only a certain kind of winter. I like the winter with the big fluffy flakes gently floating to the earth as I watch from inside my living room.

Unfortunately that's not the winter I usually get.

The winter I usually get involves watching nasty, sleety stuff blowing past the window at work, while my co-workers and I take endless calls about snowplows, salt, fender benders and inquiries as to whether or not schools are open.

The traffic accident calls can't be helped. When one passes an accident on the highway and the police aren't on scene yet there really is no way to tell if its already been called in, so calling is probably best. Just remember you are on the highway calling on a cellphone so unless you have a hands off device pull over so you don't join the pile up. And be patient while we ask all.the tedious questions about precise locations and make, model, and colors of cars. It's how we figure out just how many accidents are out there.

But when it comes to snowplows and salt trucks there's only so much that can be done in extreme cold or while the snow is still coming down. This morning, for example, its only about 10 degrees out, and the wind chill is even lower. Salt just doesn't work.
And when the snow is still falling the plows spend all the time clearing the main roads. They won't get to side streets till the snow stops. (At which time some folks are bound to call and complain that their driveway has been blocked in by the snowplow they were looking for the day before.

And folks...about the school closing calls. They're on TV. They're on radio. You can have the media text or email you. And a lot of school systems now, including the one my kids attend, have an auto dial notification system you can sign up for. But people still call the police department to find out if school has been cancelled, not only our school system but others as well. (The most annoying thing is that the people making these calls are the same ones who complain that we take too long answering their calls. Cause and effect anyone?)

And then there's that whole going out the door at 6:00am in the cold and dark and heading to the bus stop. And the at least 3 people in my house who suffer from SADD most of the winter. And the winter gas bill in this creaky old house.

Mind you, I'm not that big on summer either. Its hot, and really busy at work, and people get really cranky. I guess I am more of a spring and fall kind of girl.

And yet...when I go out the door early in the morning the snow has a pretty sparkle to it. And I enjoy watching the kids have as much fun as I once did with snow forts and sledding. And I would never wish to live in a place that lacked distinct seasons. It the constant cycle of change that makes the world so interesting.

So I guess Winter's not so bad.

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  1. I'm all about fall, spring is okay! Summer and winter?? I can take them or leave them! And thanx for the info, being from Chicago we deal with some of the same thing!!

    1. Thanks Moody Mommi. I agree with you, fall is best. Fall has harvests and Halloween. Spring is nice because the flowers come back, and I'm always inspired by the sight of my daffodils sticking oit above the April snow.

  2. I agree I am a spring and fall person too. Two seasons that aren't too cold or too hot! On the days I work, I leave in the dark and many times come home in the dark.

    1. Me too...I leave the house wt 5:45 am and come out of work at 5pm and its dark both times.