Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Film Anticipation--Express Yourself Weekly Meme

I love movies. Love to watch them, read about them, write about them. But actually I don't get out to see them  in the theatre very often.  Witness the fact that it was just last weekend that I got to see Les Miserables,   movie I  have been anticipating for years. Moreover I haven't gotten around to seeing the Hobbit, a movie I have been anticipating for even longer. Be fore Les Miserables, the last movie I saw in the theatre was The King's Speech. Before that, the last movie for grownups that I saw in the theatre was Schindler's List.  In between it was mostly Disney films and Harry Potter movies, with an occasional diversion into American Girl and Pixar.  So maybe this list should be movies I anticipate reading about in Entertainment Weekly but probably won't see till the DVD comes out or it gets to HBO.

I guess number one on the list would be Part 2 f the Hobbit (even though I haven't been to part 1 yet). The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is so popular in our house that all 3 films in their directors cut versions are on or DVR so that we don't have to try   to use the well played and much scratched DVDs. 
My husband and son have been to see The Hobbit and liked it very much, so I know I will be planning to see it.

Other movies that look good to me include two films with George Clooney: Gravity and Monument Man. Mr Clooney is also directing the latter film. Since Good Night and Good Luck is one of my favorite movies, and since I would happily watch Mr Clooney watch paint dry, these movies will both be on my to see list.

Another film I will look forward to is the next Star Trek movie.  I have always been a sucker for any version of  Star Trek and see no reason to change now.  Go ahead call me a Trekkie, but there it is. The first movie was excellent, so I  will give this one a try also.

A film that is tops on my daughter's viewing list is the next Hunger Games film.  Last year, in what may be her last year trick or treating she went as Katniss, and that will be one movie we will almost surely go to.

I should also add that this will be the first year we do not have a Twilight film to look forward to.  This may be a more exciting fact than anything I look forward to seeing. The absence of sparkly vampires will be a highlight of my year.

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  1. Love the line "I would happily watch Mr Clooney watch paint dry". Super funny! I love Star Trek too!

    1. George Clooney...eye candy for middle aged Thanks for stopping by