Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Blogger's Appeal to the Muses #365poems

(Historical note:the Greeks had a set of 9 sister goddesses who looked after the arts and sciences. They were: Calliope-epic song, Clio-history, Euterpe-lyric poetry, Thalia-comic poetry, Melopomene-tragedy, Terpsichore-dance, Erato-erotic poetry, Polyphymnia-sacred song and Urania-astronomy.)

Urania, I ask only that you keep the stars in their courses, that they may inspire us.
Erato, I have naught against you, but your gifts are not for me.
And Terpsichore, I ask nothing of you, you are too busy with my daughter.

But as for the rest of you, I could use some help.

Melopomene, we know each other well, help me keep the tears hinest ones.
Gracious Thalia, I lack the gift of inspiring laughter, help me to find the humor in things and convey it to others.
Calliope, help me hold interest when the story is long.
Polyphemia, inspire me to find the Truth and Spirit at the heart oh things.
Clio, another old friend, help me to take the long view and to rememember all the lessons history teaches.
Euterpe please help me to find, all the rhythms and the rhymes.

For myself and all who blog
Whisper in our ears
When we face the blank page.

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