Thursday, December 27, 2012

Theme Thursday I Here Highly Resolve

So its time for the New Years' resolution again. I will make the same one I make every year, to try to be a little more organized and a lot less cluttered. The resolution has been a major work in progress for several years. As a sentimental Cancer born in the year of the Rat no less I do tend to colllect things. And I am makibng progress, though not enough to give up the resolution yet.

Actually the last two years I have had two resolutions, for at the prompting of an old friend I have been trying to resume the writing that has been so derailed by life the last 20 years or so. This year I started my blog and have been posting fairly faithfully. So while continuing to write I think I can go back to concentrating on the clutter dragon.

I have a room that is basically the household place of holding. Kind of a junk drawer, but with walls and a door. Anything no one wants or knows where to put goes there. The problem is:I need a work space, to write and scrapbook and do geneology and shut the door at time to chaos. When the kids were younger I did this in the living room or wherever else the kids were. But they frankly dont need the supercvision any more at, least not on that level. I need to make my own space.

Last year major progress was made. I cleaned a whole closet of clothes from my college days that I will never be small enough for again, and post baby clothes that I don't intend to ever be large enough for again. I set aside for Goodwill a number of books that are duplicates or will never be needed again. I even threw out a few falling apart books that I had other copies of. Getting rid of books gets me where I live. But I recognize the neccessity.

So the resolution for this year is to build on my success so far. There are clothes thsat fit, but will never wear. There are paperbacks Ialso own in hardback. I need to get more bookshelves up, clear out the rest of the boxes that moved with us 11 years ago from the last house, set up a scrapbooking and photo center. I hope to report progress soon.

And maybe I can make a new resolution next year.

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  1. Good resolutions, Meg, and good luck with them! Sounds like you made a lot of progress this past year. I agree about making a space that’s all your own. Throwing out books is the hardest thing for me, even old paperbacks (sigh) but I need to declutter. I need to make some resolutions for the new year, and actually stick to them LOL!

    1. Thanks Liil. Its a struggle, but we'll get there.

  2. I'm proud of you - keep up the good work! Especially glad to see you writing again! xxx

    1. Thank you Mod Mom for all the encouragement with the writing. I wouldn'tbe here right now without you. :)