Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Express Yourself--Dream Winter Getaways?

I have to say that a dream winter getaway is something I never thought about much. I can honestly say there is no place I particularly desire to see in the winter time. I am not into winter sports like skiing that one would go looking for the perfect snow weather. And I don't hate winter so much that I want to go off to some warm weather place either. But compared to seeing Autumn in New England, or blooming cherry trees in DC in April, or Stonehenge at the Summer Solstice, there is just no place I can think of that I would want to visit just because it's Winter.

Unless it's my own living room.

I do like to take time off in Winter, especially in January. Its easy to get time off from work then, and the kids are back in school. There isn't a lot going on, so no social obligations. Sometimes the kids will have a 4 day weekend at Martin Luther King Day and we will take a quick trip somewhere. But mostly it's a nice time to sit in my living room and watch snow fall and know I don't have to go out in it at 5:30am to get to work, or take calls for salt and fender benders when I get there.

That's as dreamy a getaway as I need.

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  1. A quick trip is always something fun to do! Those can be the most fun!