Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankvember 10

Today as I get ready to stumble off to another day's work, I am infinitely grateful for my automatic timer Mr Coffee coffeemaker.  I have to be at work at 7am, and catch a bus at 5:45  each morning to get there, which means the process of hitting the snooze button starts around 4.  If I had to add something as complicated as pouring water and counting scoops of coffee to my morning routine there are a lot of mornings that I would just give up and go back to bed, which would be very bad for my pocketbook.  But instead my lovely coffeepot turns on every morning at 3:45, and the coffee pot starts beeping done at the same time that my alarm clock sounds.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee to motivate a person to get out of bed (except maybe the smell of frying bacon) .  Its an easy thing to take for granted, but I was reminded of what a beautiful thing it indeed was when I forgot to reset the clock for the ending of daylight savings time.  I woke on Monday to coffee that had already been sitting for more than an hour, and no longer tasted very good at all.  The problem was quickly rectified, but it was another reminder that we are lucky enough to have (at least most of the time) alot of simple technological conveniences that make living easier. 

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