Thursday, November 22, 2012


Too much going on
Round and round and round
Overload of sights
Cacophony of sounds.

Busy,busy days.
Overwhelming needs.
Pulled 20 differant ways
Overwhelming me.

But if I'm to stay true
Till hard times are gone,
What else can I do
But keep hanging on?


  1. Stay away from Black Friday! Your poem suggests enough already! I like the sincerity here and the strong emotion. Sometimes it helps to make a list to limit and/or prioritize. And it always helps to write. So write on and may you be less overwhelmed.

    1. Thanks Beth, its been a rough week in many ways, and the day I wrote this was partcularly, yes, overwhelming. I am indeed avoiding Black Friday though. And I will always keep writing.

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  3. Nice poem. I can definitely relate as I had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things a little while ago.