Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Express Yourself--Me and My Quirks

List 5 imperfections about yourself that might bug others but makes you, well you.

1  I worry too much.  I worry I have offended people when they haven't even noticed what I may have done.  I worry when the kids go someplace. I worry when the kids dont have anywhere to go.  I worry  when the grades arent good enough. I worry when the grades are good that maybe we are pushing them too much. And so on and so on.  Part of this is born of being a police dispatcher.  Sadly we spend our days dealing with the worst possible things that can happen to people, way our of proportion to the occurance of such things in the real world.  It skewers our perceptions big time. 

2  I am a cryer.  My husband, like most men is driven crazy by this but he has learned to walk away.  He has learned its not a deliberate effect, its how I react to bad news, sad movies, excess criticisms,  happy endings and sudden disappointments.  The sudden burst of emotion can put  other people off though (I apologize to each and every one of you.)I feel things deeply.  Can't help it. Can't help the tears either. But  the same depth of emotion does help me try harder not to hurt people and to  appreciate all these little moments in time.

3  I procrastinate.  I put things off. I want things to be so perfect they never get done.  I don't get cards sent because I want to add notes or pictures of the kids.  I put off bills till the week they are due and then wind up with several bills due the same day. I don't get pictures printed because I don't have the money to print the hundreds that I want and overlook the fact I could be printing 10 a week. I put off cleaning because I dont know where to begin. I put off work projects till the last possible date because I'm not happy with them. (I did this in school too.) I write first drafts, but never do the work to go back and make final draft manuscripts. Lately I have been trying some to improve this, but its very much a work in progress.

4  I save things.  I save newspapers to cut something out but don't.   I have shoeboxes full of photos. I save every book I read instead of moving them on. I know what books are where and how to find the info, but no one else ever would.   Latelly I have been trying to work on this.  I disposed of some not salvagable, falling apart and I have a dupliicate copy anyway books.  I have thrown out stuck together and blurry photos.  Also disposed of a lot of never will be that small and hope to never again be that big again clothing.  Sometimes it feels like I  am disposing of a loved one, and yet I know this is the easy part. The real hardship will come when I start narrowing down the more treasured objects, but I am working on it.

5 I'm too loud.  When I was in college majoring in theatre one thing I got high marks for was projection. No one ever had trouble hearing me in the back of the theatre.  I wasnt a very good actress but you could hear me not being good all the way across campus.  I get louder when I get excited.I yell too.  In my family everyone yelled.  Again its something I work on but progress is slow.

So there you are. 5 flaws, very much part of my being, yet things that definitely need some addressing in the near future.  I will try to not procrastinate. Much.

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  1. :) I think there's a procrastinator in most of us - a big one.

  2. Yes, I can be too loud at times too!

  3. Being loud... yes, it's a fault of mine. These are all very understandable imperfections. Thanks for participating!

  4. Great post, and reading through your list, sadly I am guilty of a few of those myself. Definitely enjoyed your posting

  5. Thank you everyone for the kindwords. I enjoyed writing it.

  6. I'm a crier, too! I can get teary eyed very easily from a commercial to hearing a story to seeing an act of kindness.