Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OctPoWriMo--Day 31 Day of the Dead

Here we are day 31...and its one of my favorite days of the year. Call it Halloween, Call it Samhain, Call it Eve of All Saints, Call it Day of the Dead, this marking of the end of harvests, the commeration of the dead and the looking towards winter has always been a favorite time

Day of the Dead

We shall work all day
Preparing the feast
Making sure their are enough chairs,
Enough to eat.

We shall bake the turkey and dressing
For it is harvest's end and we are most thankful.
And we shall mull the cider
Cook the beans and potatoes.
Crank the ice cream.
And our friend the baker shall bring the bread.

We shall set the extra place
And fill it first from all the foods.
And light the candles
To welcome all the loved ones
Who might wish to joing us.

Though sometimes we forget
They really never are that far away.

And so tonight we honor them.

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