Sunday, October 28, 2012

OctPoWriMo day 28 From Memory

Today's challenge involved writing on one of a series of quotes on writing. As soon as I saw this quote I knew where I was going.

"You remember too much, my mother said to me recently. Why hold onto all that?
And I said, where can I put it down?"
Anne Carson

Its not always easy, you know
Being the one who remembers the dates and names.
The one who looks at faded photos
And knows right away
Who and where and when.
Because it isn't just the recalling of facts
But a momentary jump backward in time.
Feeling again all I felt then.
And like any other person
There are times I'd rather not revisit
Places I would prefer not to go.

I love to recall the good times.
I am ok with the hard and sad times.
But I would love to eliminate
All the stupid, insensitive and wrong
Things I have done
Or had done to me.

But I am not gifted with selective memory
But burdened instead with mostly total recall.
If all the bad memories are the price
For remembering the lovely timees
I will pay the fare.


  1. I am the memory holder in my family, too. I tend to just hold onto the memory I know is true and allow their fantasies to be what they are....

    Your final stanza is gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you mom keeps giving me things because "you're the only one who remembers anyway." Its quite a privelege and quite a responsibility.

  3. "And where could I put it down?" That is the dilemna isn't it? Such a responsibility and gift. I really like the sentiment you express.

    1. Thank you Anke...for seeing ehat I was trying to say...