Saturday, October 13, 2012

OctPoWriMo day 13 A Memory of Laughter

I remember a day
You were about ten
When you came home from school with a script
Your teacher said to read aloud
"Something about baseball" you said.
I was delighted to see it was "Who's on First"

We read it out loud together.
And about halfway through
A light began to shine in your eyes
As you realized this was funny
Before we were done
You were laughing so hard
You could barely get the words out.

And I will never forget how much fun it was.
Watching my little boy
Get a seventy year old joke
Like it was being told
For the first time.



  1. Wow! That is an amazing moment that you both had. The stuff you treasure. Fantastic!! Especially that it was baseball related.

    1. Its always so when kids get a joke that we like watching Ghostbusters or Monty Python with them. Some times we'll be watching something we've seen a bunch of times and one of the kids will say "oh I just got that". But watching him giggle thru that old Abbot and Costello bit was the best.