Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OctPoWriMo day 10 My day Begins

My day begins
With the sound of the coffeepot
Beeping done...
And the alarm clock shreiking WAKE UP!!!
I set them to go off at the same time.

(Its a good thing the pot has a timer
I need the encouragement most days)

I stumble into the living room
With the first cup of coffee.
I look through the DVR
Hoping for a new Daily Show
Cause I can use a laugh at 4am.

I sit there for awhile comtemplating the universe
Or failing that, reruns of MASH or The Twilight Zone.

One hour and several cups of coffee later
Its time to brave the shower.
Pack a lunch,
Count the bus fare,
And then go out and face the world.


  1. I love your style. 4 am is SOOOO early to be awake. I see why it takes all that time to "warm up" to take a shower.


    Great to read you today!

  2. I could sleep in later, and leave for work later, but I hate rushing. Catching the bus does impose some discipline to the scnedule.

  3. I like that you take that extra time for yourself to enjoy your coffee and Jon Stewart. I felt like I was there with that early morning feeling when all is quiet, it's still dark, the coffee pot is beeping but the smell is enough to drag you out of bed.

    1. All hail the Goddess Caffeina without whom I would never get to work on time.