Saturday, September 15, 2012


Recently I got together with a number of my old college friends, the occasion being the 50th birthdays this year of 4 of us. Some of them I see every year or two...others I haven't seen in a long time, though in the modern way of things we all seem to be on Facebook. As it happened, one friend turned up that I hadn't seen since my husband and I were married 24 years ago.
We were all, once upon a time, theatre people together. We weren't all majoring in the subject, but we all had an interest, if not in acting then in helping behind the scenes. We also shared a willingness to work late hours on low budgets for little recompense except the appreciation of our friends and our own satisfaction at work well done. There were a lot of photos to look at, a lot of laughter and memories. It was a good time. And I found myself realizing that this group of people, both the ones at the party and the many others who couldnt be there, are the ones I feel the closest, most enduring connection with. (I can't even say apart from my family, for I met my husband doing a play.) Virtually everything good in my life has come in some way from those years and the people I shared them with. And that's worth celebrating whenever I get a chance.


  1. It begs repeating...

    The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends

    THOUGH you are in your shining days,
    Voices among the crowd
    And new friends busy with your praise,
    Be not unkind or proud,
    But think about old friends the most:
    Time's bitter flood will rise,
    Your beauty perish and be lost
    For all eyes but these eyes.
    William Butler Yeats


    1. Most awesome...yes Yeats got it just right.