Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Pennsic rain stays mainly on the Plain

As previously mentioned it rained a lot while we were on vacation this month. Enough rain in fact for me to work up a few little parodies for my daughter to try out if she decides to busk for her slushies again next year.

Dry Sleeves (To the tune of Greensleeves)

Alas my love it has rained so long
I can't recall a sunny day
I'm sodden now from tip to toe
and don't think I shall ever be dry.

Dry sleeves are my great wish
Dry garb is my desire

But the weather gods are merciless

You cant even build a fire.

Cruel Skies

(to the tune of Blue Skies)

Cruel Skies
Have me on my knees

Nothing but Cruel Skies
Do I see.

Blue skies
are nothing but tease

There are more rain clouds

In the breeze

Never saw the rain
pouring so long

I had enough time

to write this darn song

Never see the sun
coming around

Just lots more water
Flooding the ground.

Cruel skies
gloomy and dark
Any more rain and

get in the ark.

Cruel skies
Have me on my knees

Nothing but cruel skies

Do I see.

Much too late to be dry
(to the tune of "Much too late for goodbyes")

Ever since we've been camping here
We've been watching the skies

Lighting and thunder are everywhere

As the clouds open wide.

And its much too late to be dry

And its much too late to be dry.

Our whole  tent is wet again
And the clothes on the line.

There is rumor of sun next week

I'll bet its  a lie

But its much too late to be dry
Yes its much too be late to be dry.

My heartfelt apologies to all the original authors, including Henry VIII who is supposed to have written Greensleeves.


  1. Haha! Bravo! My favorite is "Much Too Late To Be Dry"!

  2. Like those songs, very witty and funny! Catchy tunes too! I happen to love the tune Green Sleeves. I believe you are right about Henry V111. He did not write the original tune but he wrote a version of Green Sleeves for Ann Boleyn when he was courting her. Ann Boleyn wore very long sleeves to disguise a protrusion like a 6th finger growing from the little finger on one hand...which perhaps you already knew. :)

  3. Yes I had heard the Anne Boylen story...supposedly it was used as evidence that she was a witch....I'm not usually that good with the parodies but I sat out a lot of stotms this vacation and it did help keep me amused.