Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Officially Fabulous

The absolutely Fabulous Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom has given me the Fabulous Blog Ribbon, for which I profusely thank her. I am utterly amazed and flattered and am going to try to get this right: 


Here's the rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog

2. Name 5 of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3. Name 5 things you love

4. Name 5 things you hate

5. Pass the ribbon on to 5 other bloggers

Name 5 of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere.

1. Getting a Gold Star Award for 911 call taking twice from the Ohio Chapters of NENA and APCO . As I have mentioned before on my blog (and no doubt will again) 911 operators don't get a lot of recognition, and it means  alot to us when we do. The second award was especially sweet because it was for teamwork and I shared it with my best work friend.

2. Earning my Wood Badge award from the Boy Scouts of America. Its the highest earned award for adults in scouting. I never got to be an Eagle Scout (for obvious reasons) and the Girl Scouts didn't have a Gold Award back when I was a member, but when the put the beads around my neck I felt like I had truly accomplished something.

3. Getting my bachelors degree. It took me 10 years (to the day) from my high school graduation to get there, but I was the first college graduate in my immediate family and boy did it feel good. My future husband got his degree on the same day so it was doubly fabulous because we shared it.

4. Seeing Richard Harris live on stage in Camelot when he was touring it in the 80's, and getting his autograph. Its the only time I have gotten to see an actor in a signature role perform live, plus my kids think its cool I got Professor Dumbledore's autograph.

5. Its a tie, either sitting up late with my son watching the Red Sox finally beat the curse of Babe Ruth (if the Indians ever win a world series again, that would go here) or reading the last Harry Potter book aloud to my daughter a chapter a night, for a month. Bigger thrill is that my son listened too, even though he had already read it.

Name 5 things you love

1.The Beatles

2.Movies, especially Black and White ones that I can torture kids with.

3.History, all of it, but especially English and American. This includes medieval recreation with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Everyone should spend a couple of weeks a year living in the Middle Ages, both to appreciate the AC and flush toilets when they get home, and also to recognize what we have lost in the name of progress.


5.Books. Books Books

  Name 5 things you hate
1. Uncivil discourse, particularly questioning the patriotism of others just because they don't agree with you. Branding war heroes as traitors to their country just because they oppose you politically is about as rock bottom as it gets.

2. Intolerance.  As a student of history I do find it amusing to watch the same arguments being used over and over against different groups of people. Politically or religiously I get off the boat when you said you are the only one who is right.

3. Casual and Random profanity. I'm all for it when called for, it actually can reduce the blood pressure, and alleviate pain when you hammer your thumb, but if you listened to the number of people throwing around the F word and the N word on a daily basis as I do you would understand what I mean. Being called a B*%$# on the phone because there isn't a cruiser available right this minute for a loud music call loses all meaning when its the 4th time it has happened today. And along with that, young ladies, when you tell me the former object of your affection who is beating down your door is "Nothing to me but my baby's daddy" that reflects worse on you than on him.

4.Unnecessary, stupid and useless movie remakes. I am talking movies like the Psycho remake, which copied every shot but filmed in color or the remake of Clash of the Titans, which ruined the whole movie by casting a lead who looks 10 years too old for what is a coming of age story, or  the hideous remake of The Wicker Man that simply threw out everything that was good about the original movie, transplanted it senselessly to America, and let Nic Cage give the most absurd performance of his career.

5. Seeing friends and family members get hurt needlessly. Calculated cruelty bothers me far more directed at others than at myself.  
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  1. Thank ya!! If I wasn't about to lose my marbles, I'd totes sit down and do this. Maybe this weekend I can get to it! Thanks for thinking about little ole me!!