Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Too Darn Hot

The temperatures today actually topped 100 degrees, a rare occurrence in northern Ohio.

So how hot was it?  The was a 3ft iguana spotted sitting in a tree. He was probably the only creature in town who liked the weather. Speaking of critters we had white mice (for the snake) die of heatstroke between the pet store and home (a 20 minute drive). When my husband and son went back for replacement they put a cooler pack in the carrier. You know its hot when you are chilling warm blooded critters so they live long enough to be fed to your cold blooded critters.

 A friend washed a mesh kitchen mat and laid it outside to started melting.

From the dispatcher point of view hot weather makes people cranky.  Cranky people fight, then call 911.

Some of this is funny but there have been some spectacular storms which have done nothing for the temperatures and have caused major power outages. Power outages mean no fans or AC and several deaths have been attributed to the heat. The good news is we are supposed to catch a break tomorrow with a high of 87. And as one of my friends said "You know its a heat wave when 87 sounds cool."

Add note: Sunday Night I discovered that an unlit taper that was on my dresser had warped, at the base, till it bent into an L shape and toppled out of the candle holder. That's hot.

Update 2013: This was written in the summer of 2012, a very hot time indeed.  I was looking back over it this evening and it made me feel much better about the near 90's we have been having this week.  I even feel better about all the rain.


  1. We had a big storm following the heat wave and the power's been out since last night. Using the last 2% of battery to type this. LOL. Of course the power went about an hour after I exclaimed that I was grateful we still had AC and electricity.
    I'm not fond of God's sense of humor.

  2. wow - fun to look back at last year's comment! I'd forgotten that we lost power - but then we're always losing power. Why do the mice have to be alive when they're fed to the snake? Seems odd that you had to take back dead mice to get live ones so they could end up dead. But I know nothing about feeding snakes. yikes! We were at the zoo today looking at some big a$$ snakes!! Stay cool!

    1. This summer has been mostly rain and mugginess. Mostly high 80s but the humidity makes it feel more like the 90s.The tomato crop is going to be horrible because the garden at my in-laws keeps flooding.

      Snakes, at least ball pythons which we have, prefer to hunt and eat live food. The snake (they eat one at a time) is put in a separate tank with the with the mouse and they have at it(or just stare at the mouse awhile if they don't feel hungry). We usually pick the mice up a few at a time at the pet store so we have them when the snakes are ready. Fortunately once they eat they are good for a month or more. One of our snakes is about 3 feet long and the other one is about 18 inches. Fortunately snakes have never freaked me out.

  3. Today we had a huge storm, lots of flooding even in areas that don't normally flood. It's cooled off a bit right now, but once it warms up it will be muggy again.