Sunday, July 22, 2012


So they ran the 75th Soap Box Derby yesterday. Winners came from all over the country including Wisconson, Indiana, California, and some local kids from Ohio who made good. There is aiso a Super Kids Classic where children with disabilities race with partners. They may not nail wheels onto crates anymore but there is something appealing about 21st century kids relying on gravity alone to get ahead.


  1. Did you get any photos? I've never been to one. I didn't know people came from all over the country to attend.

  2. I was working and couldnt go this year, but I will see if I can get some pictures....It is actually a huge deal, they have had racers from all over the world. I know several people who are involved with the Super Kids race. They had over 10000 people in attendance this year.

  3. If you’re able to get photos of the Soap Box Derby, I’d love to see them too. I remember the ones made with wheels nailed onto crates but haven’t seen the 21st century models. And thanks for leaving that great comment on my blog post. You are the first person since I've been blogging to comment on Lily Langtry, and that made my day!

  4. They have differant kinds of cars now, some are built from kits, and some from scratch. They have kids who do the classic one off races, and then they have a division of kids who have road rallies all year round and the highest point accumulations get to race.

    Llly Langtry is one of those historical figures who keeps popping up in various interests of mine: The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, and the history of the British Royal family to name 2. I am also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and alot of students of Holmes believe that Lily was the model for the Irene Adler (To Sherlock Holmes she is always The Woman) charecter in A Scandal in Bohemia. She hquite the career. So it was delightful to find another fan of Lily.

    1. Meg, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean is listed as one of my favorite movies (and I am a big Paul Newman fan!). I found it very interesting that Lily Langtry was a mistress to Queen Victoria’s son who would later become King of England (and I admit I find the British royals fascinating plus I have English ancestry on my father’s side but no connection to any royals or yet anyway!). I am also a Sherlock Holmes fan and was not aware that Lily Langtry was the model for Irene Adler, thanks for that info.