Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Poem for the Winter Solstice

I believe
In taking care of those around us.

I believe
In letting children dream.

I believe
In marking all the turnings of the year.

I believe
That darkness is always followed (eventually) by light.

I believe
There are many paths through the Darkness into the Light.

I believe
That it is always right
To celebrate
Light returning to the world.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday: A Great Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that we all have our own ideas about. Location, Personal experience, Family traditions, all combine to create our expectations for a perfect holiday. This, except for a nasty cold that has kept me sneezing most of the following week, things met my criteria for a nearly perfect feast:

I got the day off. (Safety forces come to work regardless of the date.)

All the traveling family members arrived at their destinations.

Watched the parades and some football.

Got to have the Boy home for a couple of days.

And there was splendid food to be had.

The last is my chief reason for writing, so that I can share with you some of the lovely food prepared by my husband, his mother and his sister. (I should note I went grocery shopping this morning before writing this post.  Doing otherwise would have been destructive to anything resembling a budget.)

I hope you too had a great holiday, with good food and company.